Hall of Fame - Batting | Roleystone / Karragullen Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112226093115314173624716122*Michael De CastroRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day H8 1Willetton Crows
29614454811531417361605596*Graham SmartRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day F2 1Thornlie
38221124821531417362471682Joshua DagostinoRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day H8 1Willetton Crows
47914454811531417361604979Graham SmartRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day F1 1Armadale
57714991721531417362469277Steven GreavesRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day H2 1Willetton Crows
669805341531417352584569Brett TurnerRoleystone / Karragullen2020/20213rd Grade4 1SJ Blues
76813133601531417361606268Joel HueyRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day F4 1Kardinya Lakes
86813133601531417361605568Joel HueyRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day F2 1Thornlie
9652590721531417352578265Sam IerinoRoleystone / Karragullen2020/20211st Grade2 1East Fremantle
10641590711531417352578764Trent D StuartRoleystone / Karragullen2020/20211st Grade3 1CBC
11582724511531417362470158John SpilsburyRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day H4 1Leeming Spartan
125713261591531417357962757Sameera HettiarachchiRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day B4 1Kelmscott
13541345031531417357961854Jason J PeakeRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day B1 1Kelmscott
14532119251531417352578753*Michael J ChmielewskiRoleystone / Karragullen2020/20211st Grade3 2CBC
15511590891531417357964351Michael AndertonRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day B8 1Maddington
165113133601531417361607151Joel HueyRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day F6 1Maddington
17502714201531417357963950*Paul AnileRoleystone / Karragullen2020/2021One Day B7 1Hilton Bicton
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 50 runs.

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